UK Demand for Staff Showing Signs of Increase

The Latest KPMG/REC Report on Jobs shows that the demand for staff is now at its highest in three years.  Last month, temporary posts hit a twenty-six month high.

Partner and Head of Business Services at KPMG Bernard Brown stated “The latest figures reveal permanent placements enjoying their highest growth rates for over two years and temporary roles being filled at the quickest pace since Christmas.”

In the three months to May, the availability of vacancies was up 10.3%.  This data, coming from the Office of National Statistics, shows real hope for the employment market in the UK.

Recruitment agency Randstad note the field wherein temporary vacancies are the highest is nursing and care, though engineering is fast coming first place.  Engineering is also one of the main areas of temporary skills in short supply however, which, alongside IT, is facing growth as an industry. Employers are struggling to source the talent they need to make their businesses succeed. Kevin Green, REC chief executive, states that “The war for talent in growth sectors is driving starting salaries to increase at the fastest pace in two years.”

The point is also made that the increasing success of the job market and consequent signs of economic stability and recovery could be undermined however, if more is not done to address the issue of the skills gap in certain industries.  The government has made some effort to promote apprenticeships and get young people into the training they need to contribute to the economy, however many still argue the jobs available are not in line with the huge number of people who are applying for each position, and the situation is hardest for the youngest among working age.

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