75-year-old man died of three stab wounds

A 75-year-old man was stabbed three times after having his evening devotions, according to the police. Just a short distance from his residence in Small Health, Birmingham, Mohammed Saleem Chaudhry a father with seven kids was wounded in his back after he was attacked last Monday night. The results of the investigation showed that the victim died of three stab wounds in his back, as stated by the West Midlands Police.

Shazia Khan, hhis 45-year-old daughter said that they were all shocked about the ruthless death of their father. Since their father is known to be a respectable man in their area. She added that even young and old knew him in their neighborhood. Inhabitants nearby tried to call the ambulance. They believed that the old man may have tried to fight the suspect who stabbed him. At least five times per day, the man used to walk from his house to the mosque.

Her daughter Mrs. Khan who resides in London stated that they want the authorities to investigate and find out who slaughtered their father for tomorrow there might be another victim. The West Midlands Police were contacted just after 10:30 pm last Monday night that the man bears severe injuries. After 11 p.m. in the Heartlands Hospital, the old man was declared dead.

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