Ex-Prime Minister Tsipras Is In A Rock And A Hard Place

After declaring his resignation following his decision to go with additional EU austerities rather than choose ‘economic suicide’, Tsipras is trapped between being an idealist and being an ex-leader who tried to save an entire economy.

Tsipras said he understood that Greece has to survive rather than be idealistic over their bailout terms.

Political analysts said Greece could have had a better deal if Tsipras had agreed to settle for better terms at an earlier time. While he shined in defiance during the Greek snap elections regarding austerities, he only stood up, but never achieved Greece’s intended goal of ending their austerities and starting on economic recovery.

Greece’s economy is now down to 4 per cent in GDP this year. About 50 per cent of Greek youth is still unemployed.

Post-resignation, his Syriza party had split and now remaining members are forming a Popular Unity party. Tsipras alone is the main reason for the party’s split. Syriza’s former voters had gone with the remaining members.

Meanwhile Tsipras is debating with Vangelis Meimarakis’ for a coalition saying it would be ‘unnatural’ for his party.

But it is logical to say Tsipras only logical move in the political bout was to accept the additional austerities rather than devalue the Euro, which earns them the ire of the entire European Union.

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