Louis Theroux: “I Have A Slight Fear Of Intimacy”

Louis Theroux admits that he has a slight fear of intimacy when it comes to other people. The renowed documentarist for the BBC since 1998, winning awards and amazing critically-panned films for the network, was the one man that peers and close families and friends describe as detached and inscrutable.


Though he does not admit to the latter being true.

But he admits to his fears.

“I think I have a slight fear of intimacy. That’s the thing I would say on that. That explains it, doesn’t it? I have a slight fear of intimacy, and I think, that’s partly why I do the work that I do. It’s a safe form of intimacy in which I’m professionally accountable, but I’m not, in a sense. I mean, obviously, I am personally accountable, but it feels there’s a sort of emotional prophylactic.”

“Who is scrutable? I mean I like the idea of being inscrutable. But… maybe I kept people at arm’s length a little bit. I think of myself as being quite affable, approachable, fairly easy to get to know. I don’t totally recognise the characterisation of inscrutable, but it’s possible I kept people at arm’s length a bit.”

Theroux’s work My Scientology Movie is his first theatrical-release feature-length work for BBC including big-budget cinema features

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