Four Billion People To Suffer Severe Water Troubles In The Future

According to a new study published in the Science Advances Journal last Friday, the world is facing an unprecedented water crisis. The research indicated that about two-thirds of the global population will suffer severe water scarcity for at least a month every year. The existing water crisis, according to the research, is worse than previously thought.

The research indicates that more than 500 million people consuming double the amount of water per year is the most vulnerable. India, China, the Central and Western United States, Australia and London are among the list.

According to Netherlands’ University of Twente Professor and lead report researcher Professor Arjen Hoekstra, the main problem of the world is water scarcity.

He indicated Yemen is the most vulnerable. The researcher said Yemen’s water supply is inadequate for the next few years as its aquifers are drying up. Yemen’s neighbours, including Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, will most likely face the same problems in the future.

The research examined global water scarcity on a monthly basis within 31 miles or less. Researchers also used information from 1996-2005 and found that more water was being consumed by four billion people than previous reports indicated.

Hoekstra added that taking a shorter shower or conserving water is not the answer to the trouble.

The WWF-UK Chief Freshwater Adviser David Tickner said:

“This paper is another pointer to the urgency of this challenge. Billions of people, and many economies, are increasingly suffering because of water-related risks which could be better managed. The same risks are causing a collapse in aquatic wildlife around the globe.”

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