Modi’s Ideas Include Outer Space And The Environment

The COP21, which would convene world leaders to create solutions to the world’s environmental problems, includes all the world’s leaders. Indian Prime Minister was one of them, but he was one with a hectic schedule. In France, he addressed the COP21 conference and launched the International Solar Alliance with French President Francois Hollande.

Aside from his other talks, he highlighted in COP21 that he did not encourage unilateral steps that can cause economic barriers against climate change.

India Needs To “Grow Up”

Aside from urging a genuine global partnership in combating the environment and using $100 billion dollars yearly before 2020 to allow developed and developing nations, Modi acknowledged his own country needs to improve.

Democratic India is to improve services for its 1.25 billion population whose energy demands are increasing.

While it is easy to read on paper, Modi said the choices “were not easy” but through a genuine global partnership, emissions from all developing and developed nations can reduce by 35 to 50 per cent.

The Aid Of Developed Countries

He said equity will apply to the commitments of all the nations of the world. Developed nations must make clean energy available, affordable and accessible to everyone in the developing world as it is its collective interest.

Modi said the world needed a common purpose and only having the wisdom and courage to craft a collective partnership with a balance and consideration on responsibilities and capabilities can the world’s environmental effort succeed.

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