Price Tags To Help Government Make Environmental Decisions

According to Environment Secretary Liz Truss, governments, especially the UK government, can go about environmental decisions if they had a solid value figure for the UK’s greenery and resources.

A clear natural capital agenda move, assets must have a defined value to enable investors to see their value.

Speaking to the Open Environment Organisation, Truss said:

“We are learning to understand and quantify the benefits we get from nature, to treat rivers, trees and bees as national assets just as much as infrastructure like the M25, Manchester airport or the Forth rail bridge. For example, by quantifying what trees do to provide enjoyment for people, filter pollution and store carbon, we can see they are worth at least 15 times their value as timber. Britain’s overall stock of natural capital is now at least £1.6tn.”

Forests, Soil and Rivers Worth £1.6tn

The Environment Secretary said UK’s natural resources are worth £1.6tn. The value should allow the government to make proper decisiosn in developing its first environmental impact bond. It would also help the local and central government decision-making process faster when it comes to the environment.

“I want to embed this approach in the DNA of every decision we make: from a business planning a new housing development to deciding what we plant in our garden or what furniture we buy. In the age of Airbnb and Uber, people are able to take decisions in real time underpinned by vast amounts of data. Applying this to the availability of natural resources, we could transform the environment by enabling individuals rather than governments to take decisions.”

Environmental Guardian Liz Truss

Liz Truss was first a policy expert for reforms that aided UK efforts to have the “best natural environment in the world”. Her suggestions decrease the contradiction in objectives for many political agencies in the United Kingdom.

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