World Bank Backs Up Climate Warnings With Recent Report

Scientists all over the world have warned about the dangers of global warming that is now growing imminent but remained unheard. Recently, the World Bank issued a report warning about the catastrophes that climate change can bring if all countries continue their emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate Analytics for the World Bank made the report urging nations to prevent the heating of the Earth up to 4 degrees Celsius. Today, the world is at a temperature of about 0.8 degrees Celsius, warmer than the initial industrial revolution.

The 0.8 degrees Celsius increase in temperature already had devastating effects to geography, agriculture and weather. Melting was accelerated in Greenland and the polar ice caps. The sea level has risen to at least 6 inches all over the world.

The World Bank report states that if the world’s nations will not make good on their reduction of emission and mitigation, the world can hit 4 degrees Celsius by 2100. Given the current emission, it can be as early as 2060. Climate scientists and world negotiators stated that the warming limit should be set to 2 degrees Celsius, given that the world can already suffer with the consequences of such temperature. Sea levels can rise between 1 to 3.2 feet

Climate scientists claim that while there is quite an average chance that countries will make good on their environmental policies, there will be no time for the world to cope with the change. They state that if it warms within 50 years, it can be quite a surprising change. But if given 500 years for the world to warm, the world may be able to adapt to the slow change.

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