Work Accident Injury: The Error Of Someone And The Consequence Of Their Actions On Your Injuries

A recent client that we will name as “Tom G” once approached us. He said that his employer refused to acknowledge the responsibility of a higher-level colleague towards an accident that was of my own fault. “Tom” works in a heavy-parts manufacturing company for vehicles.

His accident happened last year when a forklift malfunction had collapsed on him a car chassis. Luckily, his head and upper body were unscathed. However, his legs were shattered. He was given proper medical care and miraculously, could still walk after his rehabilitation by 2017.

The company’s insurance company had gladly answered for his medical bills and upcoming treatment bills including his rehabilitation program. But “Tom” believes that the negligence of a certain superior — skimping over safety to meet deadlines — had led to a possible loss in livelihood.

Advising him, our team of work accident solicitors in assessed his case and found this particular superior to be guilty of negligence resulting to injuries. In situations such as these, victims can be owed emotional damages and trauma. It is likely that “Tom” could lose his passion for his field of work due to trauma — an evaluation a psychologist could only confirm.

Once validated, we can ask for compensation from the superior or the company should it choose to represent said superior. This can amount to more than £10,000 just for negligence alone.

An employee’s mental well-being is as important as his or her physical health. While “Tom” can still walk and perform his tasks as he did following his devastating episode, his superior’s actions can de-motivate him from doing work that he once had a passion for.

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