Hazardous Weather Conditions caused Motorists to be Stranded

A lot of cars were stranded for long hours on the M23 in Sussex. The said traffic disturbance was caused by a heavy snow on the road. Snow has filled the roads and a tailback occurred for more than eight hours. Motorists were stuck because of the bad weather condition. It was also reported that not only M23 was affected by the hazardous snow. Other roads such as the A29, A26, and A27 were among those affected too. An inspector from the Sussex police said that there were areas that experienced worst traffic and these areas were around Handcross Hill.

The drivers who were stuck in their cars were already rescued after long hours of being stranded. The police and the members of the Highway Agency were the ones who rescued the stranded motorists. The Red Cross was also present in the  affected areas to check the conditions of the drivers. A driver who was heading home was stuck near the Handcross Hill and has described the scene on the road. From a report in BBC news, the driver said the road has already become a car park. Most of the cars were not moving and inside it were family who were already sleeping.

The driver who was interviewed by BBC also added that since there was nothing to do about the situation most of the car owners slept and waited until it would be resolved. He said that they have all accepted that they could probably be stranded for more hours. It was already midnight and people couldn’t do anything and just rest their case. He described the area to be a lot quiet during  midnight when everyone started sleeping inside their cars.

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