Betrayals At the Empire of London

As the United Kingdom braces for life outside the EU post-referendum Leave vote, several betrayals may remind readers of a series wherein betrayals are quite frequent. You can say it is similar to the Game of Thrones or House of Cards, but what happened with Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, the architects of Vote Leave, along with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s fate in his own party, is a resemblance of these fantasies.

Boris Johnson Supporters claim that Michael Gove had pre-mediated and had created his own plot to destroy the open and transparent Johnson who only clamoured for his British Prime Minister dream and had let people see it.

Michael Gove, the intellectual brains of Vote Leave, was nearly invisible throughout the campaign. When he announced that the former London Mayor was incapable of leading a new United Kingdom and laid his own name for Prime Minister.

At the Labour Camp, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is losing massive support after the resignation of his key cabinet members.

Currently, polls show that 60% of Labour members in the 2015 leadership election are supporting Corbyn. Corbyn said he would not get down from his position as it would be a “massive betrayal” of people who voted him as the leader.

Despite the mayhem within the Labour ranks in Westminster, 51% of the party’s members believed Mr Corbyn was doing well, with 48% saying he was doing badly.

Some 44% said he should step down now as leader of the Labour Party, according to the study, but 60% said he should lead the party into the next general election.

Shadow foreign secretary Ms Thornberry told BBC One’s Question Time that after the Brexit vote “people have, instead of thinking about the jobs of people in Britain, have been thinking about David Cameron’s job and Jeremy Corbyn’s job and whether they can get them or not”.

“I personally think that is irresponsible at a time when our country needs us.”

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