Prime Minister would ban EU Nationals claiming Benefits

A tough immigration plan for the British Prime Minister. Mr. David Cameron has a lot of plans to toughen Britain’s immigration policy. He has promised to ban EU Nationals from claiming their benefits if they can no longer provide evidence that they are working or in the quest of looking for work.  In addition, Mr. Cameron had plans on restricting the migrants in the UK to have social housing if they weren’t able to stay in the UK for 5 years.

During the weekend the said plans were released. According to some critics the proposal would create problems between the UK Government and the European Union. The job seeker’s allowance coming from the government will only be utilized by the migrants who were seeking work. Mr. Cameron said immigration has already benefited Britain. The statement of the Prime Minister was published in the newspaper The Sun. It is well know that immigration in Britain wasn’t controlled well by the Labour government: figures show that there an estimated 2.2 Million people got in and (and some out) of the country while they were in power.

The Prime Minister wanted the migrants to come to Britain and work. He added that in the case of migrants nowadays in Britain, they come to the UK and work but only for a short time but they have full access of the benefits that the government gives out. When a migrant wants to work in Britain for a short period of time, he or she can only access the benefits after six months.

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