CIA Re-Enacts Bin Laden Operation To Mark Five-Year Assassination Anniversary

The US Central Intelligence Agency had created ‘live tweets’ of its military operation as it led operatives towards the assassination of famed terror leader Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden is believed to be the brains behind the September 11 attacks. Initiating an operation against terrorism in the Middle East, operatives and special operations forces had eliminated Bin Laden after a raid on his compound in Pakistan.

The tweets included diagrams of the al-Quaida compound.

Operation Neptune Spear involved “the culmination of years of complex, thorough and highly-advanced intel ops and analyses led by CIA with support of the intelligence community.”

The CIA illustrated the Abbottabad Compound in Pakistan as having high walls, no Internet or phone connection and having its “trash burned and not collected.”

The CIA began its live-tweet with the approval of US President Barack Obama, CIA Director Leon Panetta and Vice Admiral William H. McRaven of the Joint Special Operations Command.

Many reacted negatively to the publishing of the raid re-enactment. Some said the CIA’s victory lap was rightful but the publishing of the blow-by-blow is contrary to the intelligence community’s ethos and good judgment.

Some joked that the CIA may use Puppets or create an Opera of the operation during the raid’s 10th anniversary in the future.

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