Istanbul Attack Believed To Be Work of IS: Kurds Deny Involvement

Upon the dawn of the New Year, a giant nightclub in Istanbul was the scene of death for 39 club patrons and staff. The Turkish government views the act as terrorism and are currently hunting for the gunman of the massacre. Aside from 39 victims are 69 injured individuals of different nationalities.

According to Turkish news agency Anadolu, many victims came from different countries including Morocco, India, Jordan, Canada, Russia, Saudi and even Kuwait. The Reina nightclub had many local and international patrons. According to police hypothesis, the gunman stormed the nightclub after the clock struck midnight.

It was likely he had inside help as the wide security surveillance in Istanbul may have spotted him immediately. Effectively evading all possible opposition, authorities said he entered and began shooting from the entrance and began moving inside the building.

According to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK, they were not involved in the shooting in any way despite the Turkish government’s belief it is one of their organisation’s activities. According to PKK Executive Board member Murat Karayilan, no Kurdish forces were involved in the New Year attack. He added the PKK will not target innocent civilians including foreigners and condemned the attack.

Authorities also believe the militant group Islamic State may possibly be behind the attack.

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