The UK Government’s Cuts and Reforms due in April

The UK government under the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron will be introducing cuts and reforms in the first week of April. It was describe to be a day wherein Britain will face a lot of changes. These changes will affect areas of health, tax, justice and welfare.

The following changes that were introduced included the Universal Credit or called the in and out of work credit.  Due to start with the implementation this April, the change is aiming to increase the incentives of for the unemployed to be able to give them a chance to work. It was also announced that the benefit up rating will start. The tax credits and welfare benefits would not increase and can only rise after three years by only 1 percent. The welfare benefit cap will also start on the 15th of April in some parts of the United Kingdom like Croydon, Bromley and some London boroughs. When this will be implemented, welfare claimants would no longer receive an amount more than the average annual working household income.

There will also be a change in the commissioning of the NHS. The board will already be in charge of controlling the budget for the services of patients. In addition, there will also be a change in the regulation of financial industry. The FSA will be replaced by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. The scrapping of the disability living allowance will be replaced by the Personal Independence Payment. The people who earn big will have a tax cut amounting to £100,000.

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