US-Russia Plans Should Be Saved – Lavrov

A US-Russia-brokered truce in Syria had collapsed on Monday. Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov blamed the United States’ failure to control US-sponsored rebels in the Syrian conflict.

He said that the seven-day US-Russian brokered truce also relied in moderate rebel groups the US is using to distance themselves from militants.

“Unfortunately the coalition led by the United States, which committed itself to make sure that this separation happens, has not been able to do this,” Mr Lavrov said, although he said his “good friend” Secretary of State John Kerry had indicated this remained the commitment of the United States.

Mr Lavrov stressed the US-Russia plan is the only alternative to ending the violence in Syria.

Rescue workers described the latest Syrian regime bombing as the most devastating with 45 civilian casualties including women and children.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights through a network of Syrian activists, note from a hospital head in Aleppo that 91 people died during a Friday bombardment.

Video footage from rescue workers showed a girl being pulled out alive. Another showed a toddler that immediately died under the rubble.

Progress on diplomatic missions to end the violence in Syria had fared less consistently in the last few months with more civilians caught in the cross-fire

Rescue workers retrieving bodies from wrecked homes and buildings described the events as an “annihilation”.

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